Friday, December 12, 2008

Natural Human Hair Extensions

Natural Human Hair Extensions are the most popular form of extensions because they look and feel so natural and are so easy to wear. There are several ways of attaching real hair, because we feel it is the safest method for your hair. When it is time to remove them all you have to do is apply the remover and the bond turns to powder and is gently combed out with no discomfort or damage to the hair.

Each individual extension is individually colour matched as it is applied allowing for subtle highlights and lowlights to the hair giving a perfect natural colour match every time.

Another advantage of the technique we use is that, unlike some other extension systems, ours are not pre-bonded therefore we can precisely choose the size as well as the colour of each individual extension as it is applied. With human hair it is often possible to re-use some of the hair for a second application which will result in a reduced cost the second time around.

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