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African American Hair Extensions

African American women's search for societal acceptance often encompasses struggle between natural and socially constructed ideas of beauty. As an essential component in traditional African societies, cosmetic modification is ritualized to emphasise natural features of blackness. Defined by social occasion such as childhood development to maturity, indicators of marital status or the group to which you belong, beautification of the hair and body play an essential role. In our racially conscious society, presenting a physical image and being accepted is a complex negotiation between two different worlds.

African American Genie McMurrick talks about her struggle. "I remember battling with the idea of going natural for several years. I never had the courage because every time I pictured myself with my natural hair, I never saw beauty. Now my hair is natural, thick and healthy. Yet, it saddens me to know that at one point in my life I felt being natural wasnt beautiful." African American women are finding confidence within themselves to wear their hair naturally and feel beautiful about it.

African American Hair Extensions
"Good hair" has been defined as long, straight and therefore beautiful". "Good hair was the hair that bounced and shook. You saw it in all the shampoo commercials, the white lady with the hair bouncing around, and you were told that was good hair. Women seeking solutions come to focus on artificially changing their natural hair structure. African American women have been trying to manipulate, control or find solutions to their "hair problem" for years. Through "the process of lye, making one's hair straight is a practice that has made textured hair and people of color somewhat acceptable in the white world".

However, many contemporary African Americans are avoiding high maintenance and feeling confident in their natural beauty. By being brainwashed into believing black people are "inferior" and white people are "superior" African American's mutilated and adjusted their bodies to try to look "pretty" by white standards.

Americans spend billions of dollars in the quest for beautiful hair. African Americans share the experience of finding their hair identity. Ethnic hair care products are a lucrative market in the beauty industry as companies are finally adding more products targeting black and non white women.

Hair is as different as the people it belongs to. People are finally recognizing that beauty is what helps to create our individual identities. Ultimately, individual confidence shapes and strengthens the culture of the African American community.

The best African American hairstyles are looks that reflect a proud heritage and work with the texture of African American hair, not against it. Traditional African American hairstyles such as cornrows, and modern enhancements to them such as hair weaves are among the best ways to maximize the beauty of African American hair.

Hair Weaves for African American Women:

Hair weaves are a particular type of hair extension that work well with cornrows because they are attached to the natural hair with thread and glue. The natural hair is styled in tiny cornrows along the middle of the scalp and the hair extension (which may be made of human hair or synthetic) is sewn into the cornrows and then glued to make sure it stays in place. The women’s natural hair is then combed over the spot where the hair is attached so it is not noticeable. Hair weaves are a great way to create longer African American hairstyles without waiting for your hair to grow out.

Short African American Hairstyles:

Short African American Hair StylesShort hairstyles, in general, are very popular right now. This also holds true among African American women. Although there are some women who choose to wear shorter to medium length hairstyles, there are many who opt for even shorter hairstyles than that. One short hairstyle that is very popular among African American women is the same hairstyle that Halle Berry. Of course, some women do choose longer or shorter variations of this hairstyle. If you have the right facial structure, a short African American hairstyle can look wonderful on you. Have look at some of the african american hairstyles pictures for black women.

Long African American Hair Styles:

Long African American Hair StylesSince short hairstyles are so common among all races right now, many don't realize that there are still African American women who opt for long hairstyles. It is very common, however. In order to get the straight hair look that is popular among Caucasian women, many African American women choose to get hair relaxers. In order to get a long hairstyle, some African Americans also choose to opt for a short hairstyle and then wear it in combination with longer hair extensions. This can be very trendy. Longer African American hairstyles tend to look the best on women with round or heart shaped faces.

African American Hairstyles:

If you need to choose an African American Hairstyle then there are certainly many to choose from. If you would like some ideas why not buy one of the magazines on the market specially dedicated to Afro American Hairstyles. There are also a number of hairdressers which specialize in African American hairstyles for men and women. These specialized hairdressers are a great source of styling ideas.

Of course as with any hairstyle, the one you choose will depend on many factors including the shape of your face. If you face is not very round or chubby a very short cropped hairstyle is a great African American hairstyle. You can add a bit of glamour to this by asking your hairdresser to put some gold highlights on the tips of your hair; this really is a sophisticated hairstyle. Otherwise, if you would like a short hairstyle but do not want to crop cut it, you can choose a cut just below your ears and then also add a very light permanent body wave.

African American Hairstyles for Short Hair:

If you choose a short hairstyle and then would like to change it from time to time, there are a number of great hair extensions specially fabricated for African American hairstyles. Another alternative if you would like to change your hairstyle for the evening is to buy or rent a wig, again as with the hair extensions there are a great number of wigs available especially for African American hair.

Braids - African American Hairstyles:

African American Braids Hair styles

Something that looks great on African American hair is braids and especially braid with beads weaved in. Braids hairstyle lasts for a long time, and is sophisticated as well as being fun at the same time. It is also a great hairstyle to choose for the summer time as it keeps your hair off your face.

Braids are also a great choice of African American hairstyle for girls of a young age who have long hair, it looks extremely cute, and it avoids you having to do their hair each morning before they go to school.

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