Friday, July 18, 2008

Disadvantages of Hair Extensions

1. Application method can damage your hair. All hair extension companies claim that their method and materials do not damage the natural hair. Giving these companies the benefit of the doubt, one can only assume that some stylists are not properly trained and are attaching and/or removing the hair extensions in a way that damages the hair. There are some professionals in the industry that say any application of adhesive or glue type products to the hair will cause damage.

2. You will spend money—and probably lots of it. Hair extensions are not cheap. If you skimp on the quality of the hair or the method, you eventually get what you pay
for—cheap extensions. Although spending a ton of money will not guarantee quality extensions, it is a fact that more expensive human hair is a higher quality and
will last longer.

3. You will spend more time fixing your hair every day. Many companies claim that you treat your extension hair the same as you would treat your own hair. That is absolutely true!!!! Talk to anyone who has long hair and ask them how they take care of it! You will need to condition it on a regular basis and maybe use more hair care products than you normally would. Also, consider that it will take longer to dry, longer to style and longer to brush or comb out tangles. Long hair requires extra work. Be prepared to maintain the hair.

4. Your natural hair may fall out. If your hair is weak or damaged in any way, it may not be able to support the weight of human hair. This in turn causes your hair to fall out along with the extensions.

5. You may get headaches or neck strain. The extra weight of the human hair extensions may cause you to have headaches initially. Also, if your stylist is using any sort of braiding for the sewn-in extensions, there could be extra tension to the scalp if the braids are done too tightly.

6. Certain hair extension methods may impose limitations on styling your hair. If the bonds are applied too close to the hair line, they may be very visible when pulling your hair back in a pony tail. Also, because of the way some extensions are designed, your hair will look great when it is lying flat. But when the wind blows it exposes thinner hair underneath.

7. You may become addicted to hair extensions. After wearing hair extensions for several months, you may feel that your natural hair is even thinner after having the
extensions removed. In reality, you have become accustomed to seeing yourself with full long hair. Many people wear hair extensions continuously for years at a time.

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