Sunday, February 1, 2009

How to Apply Hair Extensions

Apply Hair Extensions Method:

Long and Flowing

Step 1: Add Inches

Ken swept the model's hair back into a half-ponytail and clipped it from rest of her hair. He then parted the remaining hair lengthwise and attached an 8-inch weft from the Put On Pieces Human Hair Clip in Extension 14-inch set, near the part, securing the center clip first, then each side.

Step 2: Build Body

Next, Paves lifted a small section of hair from underneath the ponytail and attached a 1-1/2-inch weft directly beneath it. Bringing the same small section of hair back over the extension, he then attached a second 1-1/2-inch weft above it. This gave the hair more thickness and volume.

Step 3: Natural Tie

"It's important to incorporate pieces of your own hair as you style the extensions," Paves told us as he took pieces of the model's hair and the extensions and curled them together. Hot tools can be used on human hair extensions but never on synthetic pieces.

Step 4: Long and Luscious

Finally Paves attached a Long Curls Pinup Piece, (Or try Scunci 20-inch Curly Hair clip) into the base of the ponytail, between the elastic and where the hair gathered. He fluffed out the piece with his fingers, then applied some hair spray to lock the style in place.

The Finished Look

Here, the finished look is a voluminous mane with added length

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