Monday, February 9, 2009

How to Care for Relaxed Black Hair

Caring for relaxed black hair can be somewhat of a challenge, but with a consistent hair care regimen it can be very manageable.

Step1: Before a relaxer, do not scratch the scalp or allow water to come in contact with the hair within 72 hours. This will reduce burning and irritation.

Step2: For best results, a licensed beautician should apply a no lye relaxer to straighten the roots of the hair.

Step3: The chemicals applied to the scalp should not sit for a long time, be aware of how long the chemical has been on the hair before rinsing it out. When burning occurs it's time to rinse.

Step4: Rinse with warm water and apply a neutralizer to deactivate the chemicals.

Step5: Using a cleansing shampoo with a built in moisturizer, thoroughly wash the scalp and hair.

Step6: Apply a conditioner and put on a plastic cap.

Step7: Sit under the dryer for 15 minutes.

Step8: Rinse out the conditioner with cold water (as not to strip the moisturizer out completely).

Step9: Towel dry.

Step10: Hair is most vulnerable to damage when wet, use an anti-static or ionic hair brush to comb through without causing damage to hair.

Step11: Apply a light setting lotion before applying rollers for better hold.

Step12: Dryer Dryer Sit under a bonnet style dryer for rolled or straight hair until dry. A bonnet style dryer will help reduce frizz verses naturally drying or using a blow dryer.

Step13: Remove rollers and style or use a curling iron or flat iron to style. For black or course hair, use a ceramic flat iron that heats up to at least 400 degrees, for best results.

Step14: Spray with a light holding spray.

Step15: To maintain styled black hair, use minimum repeated heat to reduce damage.

Step16: At night use a satin cap or bonnet to maintain body.

Step17: For styling, use a wide tooth comb to reduce pulling hair.

Step18: For added shine, spray with a light sheen once or twice a week. Do not use heavy oils, grease, creams, or gels. These weigh the hair down reducing body, bounce, or can cause extra flaking.

Step19: For a healthy scalp wash and condition hair once a week.

Step20: Keep hair trimmed to promote growth and maintain body.


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